@maigonis (Sorry replied to the wrong thread )

People from other instances can't follow anyone on my instance. I also, apparently, can't reply to other instances with my native one.

@ecosteader can you try to follow @maigonis ? I run on Apache but haven't tested all, maybe I have this issue too.

@maigonis @maigonis

It worked fine on your .lv domain when I follow here from fosstodon ... are you happening to use Apache2 instead of nginx?

@ecosteader @maigonis I followed You back and did other stuff to test. Yes I'm using Apache2, Debian distro. I used this config file as that file that is mentioned in Mastodon documentation didn't worked at all. github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

@maigonis @maigonis

That didn't work. You don't have the SSLStapling directive configured anywhere. :(


I added that later, but I'm not sure that this will help you. 

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