@omnipotens can You please add rDNS to your main server? My postfix is refusing your registration confirmation mail.

@omnipotens yes, I mean reverse dns record. As My postfix is setup to reject smtp servers that don't have that record. A very good anti spam protection but it might cause problems like this from legit servers.

@maigonis i will see what I can do I don't control the authoritative that the range sits on my friend does. I talked to him about it before but he kind of blew be off I will press him again to see if I can get him to set it up.

@omnipotens Thank You. It is nothing hard. You need to contact ISP and kindly ask them to set your mail servers IP address a hostname. In your case that would be to IP address that starts whit I can assure that I'm not the only one that might be affected and reverse DNS is a requirement for legit server in a lot of scenarious.

@maigonis Oh I know well it is in my friends data center and the records have been pointed to his DNS server already. I been hounding him for awhile to set it and he keeps saying he will get around to it lol

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