@nextcloud for now Debian 9 stable repo users are left out of updating to v16 because of "old" php version?

@omnipotens can You please add rDNS to your main server? My postfix is refusing your registration confirmation mail.

How does Mastodon account migration works? (bdw, testing it now)

@Gargron How do You add new translation to Mastodon? I followed git guidelines and some stuff there could not be found like "replace the language code in the first lines of all the files, and the last line of the .js file", those lines are not there. I put files in right places. I translated in start only web part, en.json and renamed lv.json. I'm using Docker image by building my own image. Do I need to rebuild it?

Liepājas Mastodon instance

Liepājas Mastodon instance.